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I grew up in the Pacific NW. Probably why I am a free spirit. Why I love the outdoors so much. Might be why I hate fences, rules, security guards and anything else that gets in the way of badass photos for you. Every year we say we are gonna travel a little less, but it never happens. It gets worse! We keep meeting awesome couples and awesome families, and travel to marry their friends and families. The only thing we love more than being Seattle wedding photographers is getting kidnapped to new and exciting places. Yes, please!

My family spends time all over.. Seattle, SoCal, Vegas, soaking up rays… or not lol, knocking out a little photoshop here and there…. but mostly planning the next adventures. We’ve traveled back and forth across our beautiful country for years. What path will your wedding take you on? You’ve been planning so long, you better be ready to have fun with us!

Blowing your mind with photos is what I do. It’s a eccentric blend of different fields & photography techniques. I Snipe from downtown to get real emotions. We will Ninja into places that no one else has been to pioneer. Some have said Omnipotent, from snapping  so many cool candids it seems there was 10 of me. Once the others figure out where we were and try to duplicate I will have 40 more spots. There’s no substitute for sharp, creative photos. Trust your eyes. I travel the world to work with people super excited about photos. I will go anywhere, but you have to be Serious about killing it.

I can’t describe my style to you or where I come up with shots, you just have to jump in! It’s best to read a few Reviews and cruise thru a few weddings to get the feel of things. No cookie cutter “I will capture your memories on your special day, and blah blahhhhhhh.” Want to inject a little random into your wedding pictures? Everrrrrrrrry single photographer’s tagline is “unique, creative, artistic, elegant, etc etc. Is it true? Do you see unique?

How do we create the images you are seeing? I’ll let you in on a little secret. They pop because we take the time to make them pop. They look different because we have dabbled in so many different arenas of photography and are bringing all of our knowledge and tricks into weddings. They look impossible, how did you do that? We use advanced lighting and photography techniques, I can guarantee you won’t be seeing some if the images ever duplicated unless you are sitting there looking at the image trying to duplicate it!! Of course imitation is high praise as they say, and we agree… but it’s also fun to deliver photos no one else can =) If you’ve been browsing lots of blogs and are getting jealous of other bride’s pictures, why not get off the receiving end? Let’s go make something magical!

We’d love to hear about you now!! Head on over to the Contact Page, fill out your details! We travel a lot, so give us a little time to get back to you. Remember to include the location so my wheels can start turning for something new and spectacular! Our Match.com listing??? – – Seattle wedding photographers looking for L-T-R, walks on the beach with cameras. Open to kidnapping to other states & countries.

Something New, that’s what we planned everything to be from the very beginning. We got married on the beach in Cozumel in 2007, it was the most amazing ceremony and reception with 35 close friends and family. We all spent a week together and probably will never get all those people together again, and guess what… No amazing photos and video to relive that special day!! Looking back on it now it was the biggest mistake we made.

We started doing some major soul searching and realized we are super emotional and loved the art of storytelling, (and enter the power of the universe) our cousin came to visit us and showed us his wedding film, we laughed, we cried and relived the day with him. It was amazing. We had an aha! moment, thinking back to our wedding with no memories (photo & video) and made it our mission to create wedding films for people to have forever and to make sure no one ends up like us with nothing to show for one of the most special days of their lives (wait for the babies to come it gets better).

We have had an amazing journey these past couple of years traveling all over the globe and meeting wonderful couples that become really good friends after the big day has come and gone. It’s really important for us to get to know you because we have to be able to tell your story the right way. We want the energy to be right between us because we are going to be spending all day together, when we show up to film, we want it to feel like old friends are just getting together to hang out.

We love subtleties, the little things that take your breath away. Whether it be a look, a deep breath or a crack in your voice when you’re saying your vows, these are the things that make us get all warm n fuzzy inside-that’s us in a nut shell. Every couple is different and deserves their own original film, we would love to hear about your story so drop us a line and lets create amazing memories together! 🙂