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Ron Miller is an award-winning international wedding photographer. You can find him on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Mass Transit

Wrapped up a few more engagement the past few weeks, with such a diverse downtown San Diego has unlimited options. Very popular is our in your face Red MTS system, great for ride alongs, or longer exposures to play with movement. Ferries, taxis, pedicabs..what other public transportation services have you used for engagements & weddings?

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BBQ Photography

I have some very specific weaknesses when it comes to food. Love all you can eat sushi! Chinese takeout, yeah. Thai? Yep, Tuesday used to be Thai Tuesday in our house. We constantly comment about maybe having latino roots as we eat spicy Mexican every few days. Maybe we just love eating period! One of […]

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2014 Crush – Temecula Wine & Culinary Showcase

Well we are halfway done with this summer season, I hope you’re having a good one! Plenty of sun, BBQs, beaches, water parks. But is summer our favorite season? As we pass the midway point in July, toes in the water – ass in the sand as they say.. I can’t help but daydream about our […]

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Unconditional Surrender

The Unconditional Surrender statue in San Diego is the depiction of a famous photograph taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt in Times Square on V-J day – August 14, 1945. A sailor was running down the street grabbing and kissing any and every girl in sight… young & old. Alfred instinctively waited for him to approach this […]

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O yes, those are growlers of homebrew, handcrafted specifically for the beer drinkers at this winery wedding.

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