BBQ Photography

I have some very specific weaknesses when it comes to food. Love all you can eat sushi! Chinese takeout, yeah. Thai? Yep, Tuesday used to be Thai Tuesday in our house. We constantly comment about maybe having latino roots as we eat spicy Mexican every few days. Maybe we just love eating period!

One of my personal favs is real BBQ. Not weiners and paper thin frozen mystery meat patties, I’m talking smell from a mile away wood burning. If it’s an option in a given situation you’ll always see me reach for tritip & ribs before falafel & pizza. Problem #1 is always going to be: If you don’t live in the BBQ regions you’re going to have to look hard for the goods. One city you don’t have to worry about badass BBQ in Seattle, The Boar’s Nest Delivers. So good. And the best part is Gabe’s regional sauces. Originally from North Carolina, Gabe has recreated 4 of the country’s top regional BBQ sauces. Their sauce is available via Amazon Fresh is you’re in the Northwest.

In another life I run a BBQ restaurant too lol. Maybe someday, but for now I will have to live with eating it, shooting it, and judging for BBQ contests on the West Coast. They twisted my arm, ow! Ok, I’ll try ribs, tritip, brisket, and chicken from 23 teams, I might need a few beers to cleanse the pallet, thx. It was time for another round of Gabe’s sauces now that it’s been picked up in 18 more stores.

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