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Everyone we work with is special and becomes part of the family, but when it comes to one of your own it’s on! I was super excited to hear about Chelsy’s vision for their renewal, and I am stoked to share some of images with ya! If you know these 2 personally you know what sweethearts they are. Love you guys!


From Chelsy:

I wasn’t expecting to find love; I wasn’t event looking for a boyfriend. I guess the best things in life are unplanned, and Casey definitely got my attention on his first day of work at the local architecture firm we both worked at. I took it upon myself to befriend him…give him a tour of the office…take him out to lunch, etc. Our relationship blossomed into a great friendship, and eventually into love. That was seven years ago (October 3, 2005 to be exact).

While I am the “planner” in our relationship, Casey definitely planned (and surprised me!) with an awesome proposal in December 2006. It was at our annual company holiday party…we were at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, and Casey had received permission from the CEO (and many other managers) to work the proposal into the schedule of events for the night. Surrounded by 300 people and all of our co-workers, he proposed. Of course I said yes! Casey and I got married on July 8, 2007 at Paiute Golf Resort. When we were planning our wedding, I told him that I would love to renew our vows every five years. I think he thought I was joking, but I was serious. Hello five year wedding anniversary!

Casey and I are both so busy with work, our two beautiful kids, and renovating our new house, but I always find time for us. The 5-year wedding vow renewal was something that I really wanted to do as a romantic gesture for us; and that’s exactly what it ended up being. Casey and I picked a beautiful location at Springs Preserve, wrote our vows, and had a “mini-wedding” in every sense. It was great to work with a great team of wedding vendors, and they were all on board to help make our vision into a reality.

We incorporated a ton of personalized details into the day. It was important to us that everything had meaning and really fit our style. The gray, white and yellow color pallet fit our “modern with a hint of traditional” style. The Springs Preserve offered the lush green background that I wanted and gave us a perfect backdrop for the romantic natural light, and Trump Hotel offered a more luxurious setting with sexy dramatic lighting. Together, it was exactly the style that we envisioned.

All of the details and props that we used had meaning to us. The vases with our names engraved on them are the original vases we used during our sand ceremony at our wedding five years ago. The “Cardin Family” sign hangs outside our front door to our home, and Casey surprised me with an engraved necklace that says “1+1=4” on one side and “Cardin Family Est. 07-08-07” on the other as a way of symbolizing our kids.

I also had the idea of having our vows nicely designed as well as the “Story of Us” so we can frame them, and proudly display them in our home. To top it off, we had Casey’s wedding ring engraved with a personal saying that we have said to each other ever since we were dating. It’s our own little inside joke, but it’s filled with a lot of love and great memories for us.

A couple of weeks before the vow renewal, I had the idea of doing a pillow fight at the end of the night. I wanted to do something different to show our fun, playful side…plus I wanted to do something that I have never seen done before. A pillow fight – with real feather pillows – was exactly what I had in mind! We only had one shot to get it right, and after a full day, we were ready to unwind and have a bit of fun. With the first swing of the pillow, feathers went everywhere and Casey and I were laughing hysterically. (Dear Trump Hotel: we picked every last feather up, I promise!). This 5-minute pillow fight was the perfect way to end a perfect day and I’m so glad that Casey and Ron were on board with my crazy idea.
We wanted the day of our vow renewal to be a mix of romantic, sexy, and playful…and we accomplished exactly that thanks to the “dream team” of wedding vendors. You are all amazing and Casey and I are forever grateful!

From Casey:

Nearly seven years ago, I met my future wife on my first day of work. Since that time, we have been tied at the hip doing everything together, from running errands to shopping to vacations. You name it, we do it together. These are the times that I enjoy most because we can have a good time doing anything. Chelsy has always been the planner and I’m not so much. I did plan one big thing and that was our engagement. It took a leap of faith to get in front of 300 people to ask the special woman in my life to marry me. One small detail; she nearly messed it up by stepping out of the room at the time the proposal was planned. Someone luckily found her and brought her back. Little did she know the “game” we were playing led to such an important moment for us.

There are so many things that I love about Chelsy; her beauty, her smile, her laugh, her passion for what she does; I could go on and on. I feel so lucky to have my best friend be my wife as it makes life so much more enjoyable. Our lives since the wedding (7-8-07) have gone by so quickly and have lead up to such a well thought out Vow Renewal. Our oldest daughter, Kylei, who is now 7, has blossomed into a smart, fun, not so little girl. It is amazing to hear the things she talks about. Half the time I am trying to figure out where she learned it all. She definitely has Chelsy’s personality, almost to a tee. When we found out we were having another baby in 2010, we were so excited to have a little one join our family. Kynlee has definitely been such a joy to have. Chelsy could not have been more excited to have another baby girl. Kynlee is now almost 2 and is growing up so fast. It’s amazing to see such a little mind work at trying to figure out the world.

The Vow Renewal that we planned was definitely full of surprises. We knew we were going to Springs Preserve but we didn’t realize what we got ourselves into. As we drove to the back area, we pulled off the road and Ron pointed out where we were going. When Chelsy and I got out and looked, we gave each other that look of….We are going where again??? As we trekked through the shrubs, down a few steep rocky “cliffs” (think tall steep hill). We ended up in a secluded area beneath some beautiful trees. Chelsy said she had wanted grassy fields and to feel like we weren’t in Vegas, and that’s definitely what she got. Afterwards we got to have some fun with feathers and had a pillow fight. I could not believe so many feathers could come out of 2 pillows! That is something that I will never be able to forget. The day was amazing and I was very impressed with how everything turned out.

Pillow Fight Wedding001   Pillow Fight Wedding002   Pillow Fight Wedding003   Pillow Fight Wedding004   Pillow Fight Wedding005   Pillow Fight Wedding006   Pillow Fight Wedding007   Pillow Fight Wedding008   Pillow Fight Wedding009   Pillow Fight Wedding010   Pillow Fight Wedding011   Pillow Fight Wedding012   Pillow Fight Wedding013   Pillow Fight Wedding014   Pillow Fight Wedding015   Pillow Fight Wedding016   Pillow Fight Wedding017   Pillow Fight Wedding018   Pillow Fight Wedding019   Pillow Fight Wedding020   Pillow Fight Wedding021   Pillow Fight Wedding022   Pillow Fight Wedding023   Pillow Fight Wedding024   Pillow Fight Wedding025   Pillow Fight Wedding026   Pillow Fight Wedding027   Pillow Fight Wedding028   Pillow Fight Wedding029   Pillow Fight Wedding030   Pillow Fight Wedding031   Pillow Fight Wedding032   Pillow Fight Wedding033   Pillow Fight Wedding034   Pillow Fight Wedding035   Pillow Fight Wedding036   Pillow Fight Wedding037   Pillow Fight Wedding038   Pillow Fight Wedding039   Pillow Fight Wedding040   Pillow Fight Wedding041   Pillow Fight Wedding042   Pillow Fight Wedding043  

Venue – Trump Las Vegas & Springs Preserve

Hair & Makeup – Amelia C

Floral – Layers of Lovely

Cake – Gimme Some Sugar

Stationary – Paper & Home

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