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Pics Of The Day 111413

Bridal Set at Playa Flamingo in Costa Rica. Right after is my #1 placecard fav from 2013! Such a  great job, love the keys!

Next is a very gothic wedding cake. The cake designer actually integrated the architecture of the venue on each and every layer!!! We love the iron and texture of the gates and doors at the famous Park Plaza Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

And of course a little bit from the foodie vault, ceviche cups!

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Pics Of The Day – 111113 – Veterans Day

Happy Veterans to All! Still one of my fav all time engagement shoots, and in Honor of Veterans Day was worth another share! Below a few more tidbits of wedding style, summer beach colors for beach weddings that went perfectly together! air force engagement   california wedding cake beach themed   summer beach wedding bouquet  

Pic Of The Day 110213

After a day of cruising the LA’s Art District and light painting on Venice Beach the groom was dying to show me his aerial prowess. Not many people I know can jump OVER a person. Just ridiculous. Looks like something Jason Bourne would do lol!

jumping engagement picture  

La Valencia Wedding Photos | Mike + Alexandra


La Valencia Wedding Photos

La Valencia Hotel first opened in 1926. It is very richly decorated with rare Spanish mosaics and exquisite furnishings. It’s gold and blue domed tower even served as a defense lookout during World War II! With the addition of many ocean villas it is now a highly sought after destination in Southern California. Included in La Valencia’s services are complete butler service, ocean view patios and fireplaces. With such an amazing location and view it’s no wonder it is such a popular wedding venue! La Valencia wedding photos can be some of the most amazing coastal images out there!

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