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Pics Of The Day – 111113 – Veterans Day

Happy Veterans to All! Still one of my fav all time engagement shoots, and in Honor of Veterans Day was worth another share! Below a few more tidbits of wedding style, summer beach colors for beach weddings that went perfectly together! air force engagement   california wedding cake beach themed   summer beach wedding bouquet  

Pic Of The Day 110413

One of my favs from an engagement in Chicago. Right up the street from the Dark Knight intersection. They are filming the new Transformers closeby, but we didn’t get any sightings =(

Chicago L Downtown engagement photo  

Pic Of The Day 110313

I encourage couples to integrate their history into the engagement shoot, no matter how simple it is. It makes the pictures more meaningful instead of taking standard pics at Park XYZ. This couple loooooved selfies!

engagement selfie picture  

Pic Of The Day 110213

After a day of cruising the LA’s Art District and light painting on Venice Beach the groom was dying to show me his aerial prowess. Not many people I know can jump OVER a person. Just ridiculous. Looks like something Jason Bourne would do lol!

jumping engagement picture  

POTD 103113

One of the most important elements of the Engagement Shoot is the Save The Date. The shoot is often done very quickly so a professional image can be used and the save the dates can go out asap!!! It’s never too early to let people know and start working on that head count and travel plans!

mexico themed save the date