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2014 Crush – Temecula Wine & Culinary Showcase

Well we are halfway done with this summer season, I hope you’re having a good one! Plenty of sun, BBQs, beaches, water parks. But is summer our favorite season? As we pass the midway point in July, toes in the water – ass in the sand as they say.. I can’t help but daydream about¬†our favorite upcoming fall pleasures. Autumn photography, all our tv shows come back on, football! What else is there? I’ll give you a clue:

temecula culinary showcase  

Hmmmmmm, another clue?

temecula grapes  

Yummy food & grapes, where are we going here….

winery culinary showcase  

Wait wait, yes please! Where can I get a plate like that just for me?

temecula crush event  

They say if you don’t start drinking in the morning you can’t drink all day.. where’s the best place to enjoy foodie bites and wine all day?

temecula cheese plate  

Ok ok, cheese & bread pushed you to the edge and you’re ready….. It’s time for CRUSH!!!


On September 13th Wiens Family Cellars will host the annual showcase of Temecula’s 30 member wineries – all in one place! Enjoy a walk about tasting of Temecula’s award winning wines and spectacular culinary bites from winery and local chefs. We all know that wineries are one of the best places to experience amazing vino and culinary perfection, and Crush makes it easy by bringing the valley’s best all together. For more information and tickets head to the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association ASAP!

wiens family cellars  


miramonte winery  

callaway vineyard and winery  

churon winery  

mount palomar cabernet  

ponte winery  

wilson creek winery  

hart winery  

temecula wineries  

monte de oro winery  

south coast winery  

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Published on DIYBride!

Most pets won’t work out so well at a wedding, but Machi nailed it! Such a fun group, and featured on the DIYBride blog. Enjoy!

dog ring bearer  

Pics Of The Day – 111513

Hallelujah, it’s Food Friday!!!!! #TGIFF

I have a LOT of opportunities to shoot food, even though it’s not my chosen path. I do feel very at home in the kitchen with the Chef though, maybe something to keep busy with after retirement? We never really retire of course, what could be better than food?! I will also 2nd as the in-house taste tester, thx.

Most often at events what I run into is updated fare. We’ve all added on the eggrolls to our late night chinese takeout, often mediocre. These thai eggrolls were like a bahn mi without the bread, love that! #DoneWithTheBun


thai eggrolls   Not your mama’s mozza stick. I must confess I forget the name, maybe irish cheddar? Yummers

fried cheese appetizer   Updated lil smokies! I hesitate to even call them that, might bring a memory of a cold hot dog on your pallette. That’s some high class filo with super spicy italians. modern lil smokies   Buffalo sliders, curve ball for the tasters.
buffalo sliders with potato buns  

Pics Of The Day 111413

Bridal Set at Playa Flamingo in Costa Rica. Right after is my #1 placecard fav from 2013! Such a  great job, love the keys!

Next is a very gothic wedding cake. The cake designer actually integrated the architecture of the venue on each and every layer!!! We love the iron and texture of the gates and doors at the famous Park Plaza Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

And of course a little bit from the foodie vault, ceviche cups!

costa rica beach wedding   DIY wedding placecards keys   Gothic Park Plaza wedding cake   Seafood Ceviche  

Pics Of The Day 111313

Downtown SF. The Bride & Groom modified their accent colors for the shoot to convey their obsession and love of the SF Giants! Just below is a snap of the super famous and creepy church from The Birds move by Alfred Hitchcock. Our wedding in Bodega Bay was a little offbeat!

Grooms Cake – professional by day, but a music buff by night. A surprise from the bride, technics grooms cake? Yes.

And always a food shot. Lobster Seafood Salad.

san francisco wedding downtown   bodega bay birds church   technics turntables groom wedding cake   lobster seafood salad