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Pics Of The Day 111213

First pic is from a wedding in Northern Wine Country in CA. We got to spend a few days just relaxing and exploring. Out to Tomales Bay we went… the breeding grounds for Great White Sharks! No I didn’t swim. But we did get down on the best BBQ garlic oysters and crusty bread I have ever, ever had. I could eat 200! The sign right below is classic, puppy & coffee. awwwwwwwww lol.

Halloween Cake from a private party we covered. Just ridiculous!

And some fun fun at an Indian wedding.

bbq oysters tomales bay   lost children get a puppy and espresso   halloween custom cake   california indian wedding photo  

Pics Of The Day – 111113 – Veterans Day

Happy Veterans to All! Still one of my fav all time engagement shoots, and in Honor of Veterans Day was worth another share! Below a few more tidbits of wedding style, summer beach colors for beach weddings that went perfectly together! air force engagement   california wedding cake beach themed   summer beach wedding bouquet  

Pic Of The Day 110813

While doing a little scouting for a bridal session in Boston we got quite the tour of downtown. Copley Square is practically the heart of Boston and the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Right below is a nightclub reception pic…. so smart! All the decor/lighting/AV is done!! The cake…… well, other than it being super awesome, it was one of the tastiest I have ever tried… and I am caked out! It was a super rich fudge/brownie/choco explosion!


Wrapped up with a brooch bouquet done right… all DIY. Enjoy!

Copley Square in Boston   nightclub wedding reception   Subway grooms cake   brooch bouquet diy  


Pics Of The Day 110713

Since we missed a good 6 years in blogging and are sitting on so many other fun things I am going to expand the Pic of the Day to PICS of the Day =) And since I am obsessed with food Friday is now Food Friday Yummmmm! Love the groom’s cake… he worked for UPS and was a diehard Steelers fan.

summer wedding hairstyle   California Mountain Wedding   football cake   spring bouquet  

Pic Of The Day 110513

Recent fav from on of our South Asian weddings on the West Coast.

Indian Wedding Ring Henna