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Humphreys Concerts

humphreys san diego   When planning a wedding location is everything. We travel a lot, and something I can often be heard saying when visiting a new museum, concert, restaurant or beach is.. Man, this would be a sick wedding venue. At Humphrey’s, it’s all possible! Nestled on Shelter Island, smack in the middle of the marina. Pretty hard to beat. Assuming you can find your favorite date amidst their hectic concert schedule. If you’re thinking waterfront and outside you absolutely must click the link below, it’s a 360 virtual view of Humphrey’s:

360 Virtual Camera

Concert Schedule

Comic Con

Aww another Comic Con in the books, on to next year! This year lacked a healthy amount of huge announcements, but made up for it in overall fun. D’s personal favorite was the Arrow Trailer for next season. She did that girly scream when Oliver asked Felicity out on a date. Can’t these two get together already, cmon!!! And of course it’s not as good as the actual show but hearing panels and mingling with actors from shows like Game of Thrones does help to pass the time until next season does it not? Tentative dates for Comic Con 2015 in San Diego are July 9-12. You can also pass the time with yearly holiday releases like Halo 5, Call of Duty, & Battlefield too…



I typically spend a good 3+ hours or more with the bride in the morning while she’s getting ready. Over the years we’ve discovered so many unique and personal details! Something unique to every couple is their relationship together, all the quirks, love it. And there’s no better way than to snap a grab of a text convo within a day or two of the wedding. With emoticons, inside jokes, and our constantly changing urban dictionary it’s often hilarious. Sometimes disturbing, but never boring! I never tell them what I am doing, I may or may not show them what I did afterwards. I totally need to make a blog post with my top 10! Soon…

Before heading over to Humprey’s on San Diego’s Shelter Island I grabbed this one

iphone wedding photo  

Liberty Station Movies

When we were growing up some of my fav memories were at the drive-in. Unlimited popcorn, games, lots of kids. Sometimes we didn’t even watch the movie, it was glorious. Nowadays you can drop a pretty penny on an Imax by the time you saddle up with your food. Why not be outside under the stars, at one of the nation best breweries?! Look no further:

stone brewery liberty station  

For a full list of showings you can visit their website @ Liberty Station.


Mass Transit

Wrapped up a few more engagement the past few weeks, with such a diverse downtown San Diego has unlimited options. Very popular is our in your face Red MTS system, great for ride alongs, or longer exposures to play with movement. Ferries, taxis, pedicabs..what other public transportation services have you used for engagements & weddings?

mass transit system   san diego mts engagement