Indian Engagement Photographer

Indian Engagement Photographer

indian engagement photographer  

Our studio specializes in Indian Weddings all across the country, but well before the multi-day event kicks off there’s something that must happen… Engagement Photos! The engagement shoot is vital, it’s so many things all in one. Most photographers highly encourage the shoot, we all but require it. What could be more fun that dressing up and nailing some fantastic pictures your friends and family will be jealous of! It’s time to put those smart phones away, you have more than enough Selfies for a lifetime.. here’s why an Indian Engagement Photographer is key…

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Professional Camera Jitters is the number 1 reason for us. ¬†Let’s face it, most of us are not models. I’ve only have 1 real model bride in 10 years, bodybuilder + model actually. We are not used to the flashing lights, huge lenses, and snuggling marathon that most engagements produce. The engagement shoot is your test drive, your mock draft, your rehearsal for a lot of the interaction and techniques we will be using on your wedding days! It’s an excellent chance to get in the groove with your photographer, by the end of the shoot you will know what they are thinking before they do.

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Another huge plus are receiving professional photos for your wedding website, save-the-dates, wedding guestbook, and many other uses! Smart phones are starting to take some pretty nice pictures, tablets too. There will probably be a few other DSLRs floating around the wedding besides ours. Do we want to use these pictures? Don’t get me wrong, we love pictures! Lots of our couples encourage guests to take pictures and post them to a site for them.

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Everybody has a family friend now that is a “professional photographer“. So why do you even need us? Because deep down we all know that just because the world has become easy to take pictures and easily access them, there’s no substitute for the real thing!! 100% of our couples freak out when we show them the first dozen or so pictures of the engagement shoot. Equipment + knowledge + talent will always wow.

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For us the engagement shoot is a great way to connect beyond the bounds of technology. Prior to the shoot we are often only communication by phone, email, or text. With our heavy travel we don’t always get to consult initially in person, so the engagement shoot is also where we go from mere acquaintances to Besties! If you want a candid, journalistic style to your photos a fly on the wall photographer is key.. and sometimes it’s harder with someone you just met a few hours ago. Get to know your photographer, make a Pinterest Board together, and make sure all cylinders are clicking. What you see is what you get on a website, if you can’t stop looking at pictures it’s a good sign they are a good fit.

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One element of your wedding you don’t want to leave to chance is your hair & makeup! We highly recommend doing a trial run of your hair and makeup, and scheduling it on the same day as your Indian Engagement Shoot is genius. Work out all the bugs, get the look you want, and have that perfect look for your pictures. Indian hair & makeup, like any makeup really… is just a little different for pictures and print. It’s not your every day of the week application, so doing a test run can save a lot of headache and most importantly.. TIME on your wedding day.

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Engagement Photography for Indian couples doesn’t really differ too much from regular engagements, however we do see a few trends. In the event we don’t get to meet our clients in person we like to do some non-wedding photos earlier that week. Engagements can even be done between the Mendhi and the ceremonies on the weekend, this is highly popular! It allows not only for some pre-wedding photos, but the photos & video can be used during the wedding in a slideshow, displayed prints, or a Same Day Edit video. Another trend we see is the celebration of cultures of either party is not of South Asian descent. Irish, Italian.. German, Russian.. when the cultures come together there is a fusion of traditions!

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We would love to share some Indian Engagement Photos with you! For more information please fill out Contact Form. Of course we would love to hear about your wedding as well, it’s never too early.. but first things first!!! Indian Engagement Photos with an experienced, creative professional who is ¬†going to combine your vision with theirs and create something amazing!