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An Indian Wedding is an amazing celebration full of traditions, color, and celebration! Wedding numbers can range anywhere from a few hundred to thousands! Indian Weddings make for the most amazing and vibrant photos, they have been our favorite to capture. Knowing the traditions and importance of them is vital in being prepared for the event, which often spans over multiple days up to a week or more. What I love the most about them is the emphasis that is placed on family, and the coming together of both families.


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The Mehndi, or henna is one of the most well known Indian Wedding traditions. Often the night before the wedding is dedicated to decorating the bride and close friends and family. Henna can last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the type and quality. When first applied it can be pale to dark orange, but gradually darkens. The grooms initials are sometimes hidden within the mehndi pattern.

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The Baraat is the bridegroom’s wedding precession to the wedding venue. It is customary for him to travel on a mare or elephant accompanied by his family and friends. It can be quite the spectacle! We have seen the processions shut down 3 lane roads with their scale. It’s a moving party, often with much music, dancing, and singing. Eventually the 2 families meet and the family members greet each other.

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If either the bride or bridegroom is not of Indian descent it is quite common for us to see a mix of traditions over 2-4 days, often ending with a traditional North American ceremony. The families celebrate both cultures and families simultaneously. Usually the Indian festivities begin early in the week, with the final event what Americans would consider a “normal” wedding day. It’s a marathon of dancing, eating, and celebration and is a real joy to capture. All of the intense colors and textures make for the most amazing pictures!

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Photographers and Videographers with a high level of experience and skill with Indian weddings are often flown around the country for their expertise and ability to document the entire event well. Shooting a rigorous 4 day event from morning to night is not for everyone, while maintaining a high level of detail and creativity. On some weddings our photo and video crew have expanded to 10 or more personnel! From Same Day Edits of Wedding Cinema, Next Day Slideshows, Underwater and Aerial Photography, we have every aspect of an Indian Wedding covered. And no matter what the destination, look no further for a highly experienced and modern team of creative professionals!

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