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An Engagement Photographer With A Plan

You’re engaged, FINALLY! Funny how often I hear this! So what’s next? Trust me when I say the time will fly by, it’s time to get those Save the Dates out asap! What you need is an engagement photographer who will hopefully blow your mind with your engagement pictures and then blow it again when they shoot your wedding!

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I can’t express enough  how important the engagement shoot is. You must must must take a test drive of your photographer before the wedding! It’s good for both parties and here’s why. Most couples are not professional models or actresses by nature. Sure we take lots of “selfies” with our smartphones. Heads close, looking up, you know the photos. You have 1437 of them on your phone, that’s why it’s so slow =) Shooting with your wedding photog will get you comfy in front of a big camera. You become familiar with their direction, learn some of their go to tricks for capturing you + fiance all snuggly and happy. Then when the wedding day approaches it’s round 2, and it feels like round 2, so easy!

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All of this feedback is coming from clients, who I practically require to do engagements now, even if it’s just a few days prior to the wedding. They thank me profusely, especially couples who tout them selves as camera shy, awkward in front of the camera, weird expressions, etc etc. I typically take a dozen photos after making them laugh in 10 seconds , show them the photos on the back of the camera, and click! They see how easy natural photos can be and we are off and running!

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Engagement photographers should have no shortage of locations to shoot, after all, we do live in the best city in the world. Our studio is always up for new ideas  and often expose clients to our innovative sessions if they need some help with a theme. We love to tell couples life stories, one peek on our Blog can show you some samples! Everyone has a unique journey, a path that brought them to them point of when we meet them and we are obsessed with playing a little catch-up first and then documenting their wedding story.

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Interested in having us tell your story in a permanent chapter on our Blog? We would love to hear all the dirty details, inside jokes, and funny stories about your fiance! Tell us a little bit about yourself on out Contact Form, we look forward to hearing from you!! Time is ticking if you will be doing save the dates!

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