Montaluce Winery Wedding | Zack + Sami Married!

Montaluce Winery & Estates is a winery based community in DahlonegaGeorgia.  Interested in making your Montaluce Winery Wedding a reality? Read on to see a showcase of this amazing venues highlights, features, and a modern wedding in action!!

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Hello there friends!

So this is the part where I talk a little bit about myself. Which is funny but I guess its for those who may not really know me that well, so here is a synopsis of “the one they call Sami”


  • I’m the oldest of 7
  • Biracial- black and white
  • applying to get my PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Going to be doing research on the neurological basis of language development and processing in kids with developmental and neurological disorders
  • I like bikes
  • I’m scared of the ocean
  • I’m all about high fives
  • Pretty pumped about getting married to ole’ Zack-a-ri-uh

Let me tell you about Zack

So for those of you who don’t know, let me tell you a little something about Zack Buning..

EVEN FUNNER FACTS: (and completely unbiased)

  • The funniest guy on the planet… he gets me.
  • The most attractive guy on the planet. He’s rather good lookin’. And hes got a big back yard – told by “Tim Gunn” himself.
  • The smartest guy on the planet.
  • Going to get his masters then PhD in Evolutionary Biology/Ecology and Evolution.
  • He loves plants
  • He really likes video games
  • He loves bikes
  • He’s definitely not scared of the ocean. He’s not scared of much really. That’s why he is my hero.
  • He makes me try weird foods because he will eat anything except for english muffins.
  • He has some kick-ass dance moves
  • He’s super excited to make me his wife because he thinks I’M the coolest chick in the world.. craziness.

How the universe brought us together..


During the Spring of 2009, Zack and I had a class together… Chemistry… yep that’s right, couldn’t make that up. It was Chemistry 1101 or 1102 or something, but we had the lecture and the lab class together. I was terrible at chemistry.. still am.. but of course he was awesome at it. At first I just sat by him, he didn’t really speak to me very much. But eventually he warmed up to me and in the lab he began to help me with my lab stuff because, like I said, I was bad at it. That smile of his just did me in. I was hooked and I guess he thought I was not to shabby either.

The first day he really spoke to me: I came in to class wearing an Alkaline Trio shirt a friend gave me that she didn’t want anymore. It’s funny because he said “Nice shirt” when in fact he probably fell in love with me that instant because he love’s Trio.

One Saturday, after he had gone home for the weekend, I got the guts to text him and I said “Will you be my boyfriend?” That’s right people, I asked him out. And he took the bait. We’ve been together ever since.

Proposal, When did it happen?????????

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How did it happen?

The beginning of something beautiful..


Okay, so the weekend before Zack proposed to me he was going to go to Alpharetta, but without me… Now he never said I couldn’t go but he never actually invited me to come too, I would say “well I want to go” and he’d say something like “yea but babe you have to work”… Which is sort of true considering I COULD have gotten off work but I didn’t push it becauseeeeeee I was almost positive he was leaving that weekend to go buy me a puppy.

Why a puppy?

Because we had been talking about getting a puppy for like a month before that… So I was like okay cool he’s getting me a puppy. So I didn’t worry about it…

Well then 3 things happened:

1. Zacks really good friend Marc was moving to California that weekend, so all of his friends who I really like, had a going away part for him that weekend.

2. Ken, Zack’s dad, had his birthday coming up, and they were just going to go out to dinner or something while Zack was up there to celebrate even though his b-day wasn’t for a couple of days.

3. Rick and Cass, Zack’s brother and sister in law were ending their like 5 week crazy cross country road trip and ended up being in atlanta that weekend, and his other brother John and Jilly his wife, live in Alpharetta already, so they all got together and did something for Ken’s bday.

I was pissed. All that fun stuff happened that weekend and I couldn’t be there! But for the record, all of that stuff happening that weekend was super last minute and a coincidence. But I didn’t know that, so all I saw was that Zack was doing all this fun stuff while I was sitting at home and working. I was upset because I was a part of the family too, so why couldn’t I be at Ken’s b-day celebration? But I was like… okay he better be bringing me a damn puppy.

So Zack comes home that Monday…. no puppy.

I was upset, because I couldn’t figure out why he left town without me, doing that fun stuff, and I couldn’t be there. So I was in a funk for a couple days.

So I wake up one morning ready to go to work, and I say “let’s do something fun today since I’ve been so bored” or something sassy to that affect. And he suggested a picnic, so I said sure.

Work was terrible. I don’t remember what happened but I didn’t have a great day, so when I got home I had all intentions of telling Zack to postpone the picnic, but when I got home he had our bikes ready and everything packed and ready to go, so of course I couldn’t say no.

We road our bikes to the park and made a little pallet. We had sandwiches and fruit, Band of Horses playing, and Zack was being so sweet.

He started talking about forever things and I of course was being super silly… Well then we realized we werent sitting on/near ants… I’m allergic… and I started to get bit on my legs. So he had to kind of hurry up and not be as romantic as he had hoped to be!

He pulled out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen and asked me if I’d make him the happiest man in the world. I looked at it and all I could say was “NO SHIT!?” and he laughed and I asked if that was really for me, was it really mine? was he really FINALLY asking me to marry him!? He laughed at me and I gave him the biggest hug/kiss I could muster with all my excitment.


Below is a detail extravaganza, typical of our weddings. This Montaluce Winery Wedding was no exception, there was so much to shoot that we got started the day before! Fasten your photo seat belts! 8)

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Considering a Montaluce Winery Wedding? The country near and around Dahlonega, GA is lush and full of character. Paired with the amazing chef and great staff, it’s a no brainer!

Venue: Montaluce Winery

Florist: Rooms in Bloom

Cake: Frosted Pumpkin

Dress: Anjolique

Shoes: Rachel Simpson

Officiant: Stuart Taylor

DJ: DJ Rett

Rings & Jewels: Rubin Brothers

Card Holder & Mr/Mrs Sign: Etsy

Name Card Holders: Wedding Star

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