Pics Of The Day – 111513

Hallelujah, it’s Food Friday!!!!! #TGIFF

I have a LOT of opportunities to shoot food, even though it’s not my chosen path. I do feel very at home in the kitchen with the Chef though, maybe something to keep busy with after retirement? We never really retire of course, what could be better than food?! I will also 2nd as the in-house taste tester, thx.

Most often at events what I run into is updated fare. We’ve all added on the eggrolls to our late night chinese takeout, often mediocre. These thai eggrolls were like a bahn mi without the bread, love that! #DoneWithTheBun


thai eggrolls   Not your mama’s mozza stick. I must confess I forget the name, maybe irish cheddar? Yummers

fried cheese appetizer   Updated lil smokies! I hesitate to even call them that, might bring a memory of a cold hot dog on your pallette. That’s some high class filo with super spicy italians. modern lil smokies   Buffalo sliders, curve ball for the tasters.
buffalo sliders with potato buns  

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