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San Diego Wedding Blog features some pretty awesome photos and video – the fun and creative cutting edge work of San Diego Photography Studio Ron Miller Photography & San Diego Wedding Cinema Gurus – Something New. We’ve been in weddings for a decade, traveling all over the world. You can also see Real Weddings and inspiration from our favorite wedding friends! Feel free to comment, like and be inspired! If you are nodding your noggin let’s connect!

We are self-taught, which has resulted into us blending in so many other “fields” of photography and video and incorporating them into our weddings. The results are always striking, unique, and often controversial. If you can imagine it, we may just do it! Nothing is out of bounds, after all, we are creating art!! New techniques are perfected quickly, and by the time they are duplicated we are on to the next innovation!

Why weddings? We fell in love with weddings while working through college. After our first full “season” of weddings we were hooked, but we strived to stay fresh which resulted in an exponential growth of creativity and desire for the wow factor. At the end of the day it’s still a wedding, but what if? What if you injected a little fun back into your wedding? What if you gave us full reign to use you an guinea pigs for styled, abstract photos of your bridal party? What if we used lenses, lights, and equipment that are used for other photographic fields on your wedding? O my, things are getting interesting now!

The #1 thing I am told about our work is that the images POP! Bam! I wonder why that is. Probably a combination of quite a few technical things we wont get into but, do you like it? I know right!! So much more fun, it reaches out to you…. almost 3D. The emotion, the people, it’s like you are there. Hey wait, in 50 years when you show your grandkids your wedding pictures it will be like they are there!

We are completely obsessed with a few things, you should know right up front.. Details, especially food. I will be chef’s new bestie by night’s end and give you magazine cover food shots. We love shooting details 3-ways – likely a result of watching way too many food reality cooking shows =) Candid photos, we are commonly referred to as snipers, ninjas, omnipotent (10 places at once). It’s just fun, but you can’t teach it! It’s an instinct, readiness to know the shot is coming and also having the equipment to shoot in the dark! Telling your wedding story…. we will have to play a little catch-up, but from now until the wedding day you are all ours! We love featuring your history and all the hilarious details of your relationship, mixed in with Lifestyle Photographs we will do for your engagement and save the dates.

If you’d like to learn a little more please fill out our Contact Form, and definitely make sure you view a few San Diego Wedding blog posts to know what you are getting into. If things are clicking, you’re pinning to Pinterest, and you GET IT, we should chat!

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