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Wedding Photographer Reviews and Testimonials

One way to get a feel for a photographer is to read reviews, you can browse our wedding photographer reviews just below. After looking through uncountable photographer websites and looking at hundreds of wedding images how does one start to narrow the search down? We’ve listed some ways to help you, from our view! We have been in the wedding business for over a decade now, so we try to impart as much wedding knowledge to our potential and existing clients as possible to make their wedding planning as successful as possible! After 10 years in weddings we definitely have some insight as to what works & what doesn’t, and extremely valuable tips and suggestions that most couples don’t fully understand until after their wedding day.

1. View Full Wedding Galleries!

While looking thru websites and blogs you have seen lots of images and probably thought to yourself, wow! If my wedding was over and done and those were my wedding images I would be a happy camper. Especially if you have been stalking the popular national blogs that feature the cutting edge work of the nation’s best. You’ve also dug deeper into a handful of favorites that you have already selected from an initial search in your area, checked out their portfolios and a few pages of their blogs. Some may have featured weddings. They ALL look good, now what? Help!

The next step is to dig a little deeper into their work, and the perfect way to do this is to ask for a couple of full wedding galleries. Why? This will let you see the entire wedding day and how they shot it. It will give you a better feel of their eye & angles, their favorite lenses and looks. Why is this important? It’s important because the handful of images on the home page of a photographer’s website are no doubt highly retouched. Even their 50-100 images from a selected wedding on a blog have had “work done”. You need to see what your other 1400 shots will look like. Are they a “blend” of styles like the photographer advertised style? Are they mostly unique shots or sets of 30/50/70 of the exact same “pose”? Viewing a full wedding just smart. I have always joked to friends and wedding professionals that my grandma can take great candid shots, and it’s true!! But what about the rest of the wedding?

2.  The Consultation!

This may also sound like common sense, but you absolutely must have some face time with your photog. Even if it’s on Skype. Phone consultations are great for an initial round of questions… budget, availability. But there’s just something about connecting a voice and a face, getting a feel for a couple. We try to get to know couples as much as possible before the wedding day, to the point where we show up to the wedding and it feels like a family bbq! Anyone can photograph people. A great photographer is also a people person.. personable, approachable. If you read reviews about someone who they say feels like an old friend after 10 minutes, chances are you have someone who is going to mesh well with not only you, but your family and guests. For photographers claiming a “candid/photojournalistic” style this is key!! If they are the elephant in the room you are going to have a lot of pictures of backs of heads. Did you have a weird vibe or any moments of awkward silence on the initial phone call? Run away!!!!

3.  Reviews!

Speaking of reviews, the name of this page, another must! Our social networking world has made it very easy to read up and find out what to expect. After receiving a wedding inquiry, our very first step is to have clients visit our blog to see what we do, view a full wedding gallery from the venue if we have shot there before, and read our reviews. Wedding photography reviews can often be one-sided, what I mean by that is… they are all extremely positive. So what are you looking for? You are looking to extract the little tidbits, the gems in between the lines that will only come from a past client.  “She helped fix my dress”. “He walked us through how to cut our cake”. “She came early and stayed late just to get shots for the album!” There’s always good info in there, you just have to read through them! Reading out loud is a great trick for digesting information better.

For more wedding photographer info please visit our FAQ page(under construction still), and if you are considering me or Something New Wedding Cinema for your wedding, please continue on below for just a small handful of our reviews! You can also read extensive reviews from past clients HERE!

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Park Plaza Wedding

Jun 24, 2013 by Raquel Jacobs

When my husband & I began our journey of wedding planning, we knew the exact theme of what we wanted & it was going to take a very special & particular person to be our photographer. We searched & finally read some reviews on various websites & then it was a no brainer. Ron Miller! Ron was almost out of what we had considered for our photo budget, but we knew we would get what we paid for, & we are so glad we did! He was so prompt in getting back to us & we couldn\'t be more excited. Ron knew what it meant to have memorable photos & boy did he come through. He instantly knew what we were looking for in a photographer & we all were on the same page. When we met for our Engagement Shoot, he truly made both of us feel comfortable & we had a blast. Ron captured who we are as a couple & what we wanted to portray. We love both the city & country scene & he captured both lifestyles seamlessly.

For our wedding, we decided to get married at The Legendary Park Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles. Now this venue is BEYOND!! It is a Historic Los Angeles landmark & Ron blew us away with all of his ideas. He went above & beyond & didn\'t just have us pose for a family album, it was truly a photoshoot event. He took great candids of everyone & some of the most beautiful pictures are when we are not even looking. It honestly makes me tear up when I look at our pictures because it takes me right back to that very moment. Ron took detailed heavy shots of the venue, & looking back we didn\'t even catch some of the details of the venue until we saw the prints. The day after our wedding, my husband & I got back into our wedding clothes and Ron took us for a Day After Shoot. He took us to some great spots in Hollywood knowing that my husband appreciates Street Art! It was so much fun & raw! Ron Miller is truly an artist & a master at his craft! My husband & I are so thankful for him & we proudly show off our wedding pictures. We recommend him to any & all brides!!

Vintage Mad Hatter Wedding

Jun 22, 2013 by Samantha

Ron Miller is by far the best photographer ever! When my fiance and I were looking for a wedding photographer, I contacted at least 10 different photographers. However, I did not get that good "gut" feeling with any of them. I finally came across Ron Miller through the Wedding Wire website. He responded immediately! I was impressed right away! He even moved an engagement photo session, just so he could come out and shoot our wedding. After looking at his photos and his customer service skills. I knew this was the photographer we were looking for.

Our wedding was an entire weekend, Fri- Sun in Leavenworth, Wa. at Tierra Retreat Center. Ron stayed on site the whole weekend. Took great photos, going above and beyond his duties. He walked around the entire retreat & town capturing everything from Friday night to Sunday. He even started the Bonfire for everyone both nights. He was great to work with and knew exactly what he was doing. He gave our family great direction when it came to family photos. We even did a trash the dress session the day after our wedding day and Ron went out found some great photo opportunities the day before the session to ensure we captured some amazing photos. He even got in the freezing cold river with me with his shoes, pants, and socks on to capture amazing photos during our trash the dress session.

I have to admit we were on a budget with our wedding as most are, and I went out of our planned budget for our photographer. Prior to the wedding my father & fiance kept mentioning how I went over our budget on our photographer. I kept telling them "you wait, your going to take your words back and thank me after it's all over". That is exactly what happened! My dad was so impressed & told me that was the best investment of our entire wedding. On the way to our honeymoon, my husband said, "You were right. Ron was worth every penny and the best investment we made for our wedding and he captured such great photos and was so professional the entire time. I was very impressed and glad we had him as our photographer". Ron really worked hard at capturing every little detail during the wedding. I made most of our decor and spent a lot of time on everything. He captured it in such a unique, beautiful way that shows all the hard work put into it and all the details! Our photos prove it! There isn't one picture he took that I don't love. He did such a spectacular job, I love showing off our photos to everyone. There was so much you miss as a bride and groom, when I got the photos back, he captured the whole story and all the pieces that I didn't even know happened that weekend. I have been recommending him to everyone getting married soon and I would recommend him to any Bride and Groom! If you want really amazing photos that nobody else has from their wedding....go with Ron Miller!

Langham Huntington Wedding

May 26, 2013 by Lynn Wang

We were so happy to have Ron photograph our wedding! He came highly recommended and truly is the one of the best. Besides being extremely nice and pleasant to work with, he is highly professional and was always quick to respond to my emails. He arrived on time to the site and made us feel very at ease, especially the groom who did not like to be photographed! The pricing for his services are very agreeable considering the quality of his work.

Pictures That Pop

Dec 16, 2012 by Nipa Patel

Ron is simply AMAZING! After looking at all the other photographers, Ron's work stands out. He took our engagement and wedding photographs. He is fun to work with and really nice. Moreover, he takes breathtaking photographs. His work has thought and care which can be seen with every shot! We loved working with him.


Nov 13, 2012 by Blaire Rudden

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Ron Miller Photography! Ron was able to capture everything we wanted and so much more for our engagement photos, wedding and reception. He was extremely responsive from the time we met all the way through the events. We loved working with Ron and absolutely loved our photos!

Disneyland Wedding

Nov 02, 2012 by Alysia Lipetti

Ron Miller is simply amazing! He has such an artists eye and doesn't over pose you. He captures the moments as they happen. The photographer was one thing that I knew had to be perfect and with him it was.

Aug 23, 2012 by Carly O'connor

Ron came highly recommended to us by our wedding planner, Brit Bertino of Simply Weddings. We hired him for our June 3rd wedding and he and his team were great! They were very professional. I never felt that Ron or his team ever got in the way during the day, as I've seen many other photographers do at other weddings. I would definitely recommend him! Thanks again Ron!

Best Decision Ever!

Aug 21, 2012 by Erica Lane

Ron was absolutely amazing. We found him way before our wedding and he was in touch with us as we continued to make plans. We had lots of plans that changed pretty drastically over the course of planning and he just went with the flow and was up for each and every change to the plan. Ron is by far one of the most "go with the flow" photographers I have even encountered. He was amazing enough to let us add time on at the very last minute and he ran around with us taking pictures at all of our favorite places. His photographs have so much character, they don't simply document the event...these photos tell the story of our wedding day. When you put his skill, flexibility and wonderful personality together you get the BEST photographer I have ever worked with. I give Ron my highest recommendation!

The Right Choice

Aug 15, 2012 by Alicia Banks

Ron & his team were amazing!!!! He was punctual, professional, creative, and fun! We are soooo thankful that he was the one to do our wedding! To anyone out there who is considering using Ron Miller Photography for their event, you can't go wrong!!! Truly gifted!

Our Dream Wedding

Jul 14, 2012 by Alli Dahlgren

When we began looking for a place to start while wedding planning, we both new the most important asset was our photographer. Since the photos are the thing that we will use to look back upon and remember our big day, we knew we had to have someone that was detailed and could find our personalities through the lens.

I searched online and through many photographer's websites, and the more I looked, Ron was the only one who stood out from the rest of the crowd. His photos were not just pictures of people, they were true art. At this point, we knew he was our guy.

I reached out to him, and after many emails back and forth we finally drove out to meet with him face to face. Once we met him, he felt like a friend we had known for a long time. The conversation and ideas flowed nicely, and before we knew it, we were picking a date to come back out for our engagement photos.

Our e-session was AMAZING! Despite the freezing temperatures and gale force winds, Ron captured some of the coolest photos I have ever seen. We wanted an editorial look...and he delivered...WOW! We were getting compliments on our photos from people that we didn't even know! And this was just the beginning.

Before the wedding day, Ron came to our location to scope it out a few times and was there to answer any questions of ours. Once the wedding day hit, the last thing I wanted was to worry about was photos.
We had a two day Indian wedding celebration and Ron was so great, taking pictures throughout the night, and even had extra shooters to help capture all of the moments. By the end of the wedding, Ron was waist deep in the swimming pool, taking photos of the bridal party jumping in!

He was so helpful that he recommended many other vendors as well.
Ron helped us with our dream wedding!!!

Ron Miller Photography 360-333-4086 Grand Ave San Diego CA, 92101 USA 5.0 5.0 23 23 When my husband & I began our journey of wedding planning, we knew the exact theme of what we wanted & it was going to take a very special & particular person to be our photographe